Answers to Your Omega Q Plus Questions

1. Why did Dr. Sinatra create this product?

Dr. Sinatra created Omega Q Plus to give maximum benefits to his customers in a single supplement. The combination of omega-3 fatty acids from Calamarine® (a unique, exclusive marine complex), the highly bioavailable Hydro Q-Sorb® CoQ10, L-carnitine, B vitamins, and folic acid is a cardiovascular powerhouse that provides tremendous value and results.

2. What is Calamarine?

Derived from sustainable, clean, eco-friendly stocks of calamari (squid), this new source for concentrated omega-3s is naturally richer in DHA, one of the most difficult essentials fatty acids to obtain in the diet.

Consuming higher levels of DHA is also associated with healthy eyes, brain, and digestive tract health. Other omega-3 dietary sources like salmon, cod, anchovy, and sardine are more abundant in EPA. Tuna is the primary source for supplemental DHA, yet is more difficult to obtain and is being depleted and overfished at an alarming rate. The short life span of the calamari makes it an ideal, renewable, and sustainable source for dietary omega-3s.

3. How is this form of CoQ10 more bioavailable?

Coenzyme Q10 is one of the more difficult compounds to absorb because it is a large fat-soluble molecule. Hydro Q-Sorb, an all-natural, free-flowing powder combines CoQ10 with gamma-cyclodextrin, a type of glucose molecule with a hydrophobic (fat loving) center and a hydrophilic (water loving) exterior. It essentially binds to and wraps around the CoQ10 molecule, allowing the CoQ10 to become water dispersible, making it easier to absorb.

4. Who should take this product?

This product is for adults looking to support cardiovascular health with CoQ10, plus a high-DHA omega-3 for brain, eye, and skin health in conjunction with the benefits of L-carnitine, B vitamins, and folic acid—support energy, healthy homocysteine levels, and overall health.

5. What benefits should I expect from this formula?

  • Promotes overall cardiovascular health and function, and provides antioxidant protection for the cardiovascular system
  • Supports normal blood lipids as part of a heart healthy diet and exercise program
  • Helps maintain blood pressure levels in the normal range as part of a heart healthy diet and exercise program
  • Helps promote healthy blood vessels, maintain vascular elasticity, and relax blood vessels
  • Supports circulation, blood flow and blood viscosity
  • Supports normal blood platelet aggregation
  • Promotes a normal inflammatory response
  • Contains Hydro Q-Sorb® a patented form of CoQ10 that research suggests is significantly more bioavailable than plain CoQ10 powder
  • Supports increased cellular energy production
  • Helps reduce oxidative stress
  • Helps promote normal homocysteine levels
  • Helps promote brain health
  • Supports eye health, natural tear production, eye hydration, and macular health
  • Helps promote healthy skin and skin hydration
  • Provides antioxidant protection against free-radical damage which can lead to premature aging of cells
  • Promotes healthy aging
  • Helps to maintain cell health
  • Promotes overall health and well being

6. Does this product contain any major allergen (soy, milk, wheat, egg, shellfish, fish, peanuts, tree nuts)?

No. There is no listed fish or shellfish allergy because squid are neither. They are cephalopods.

7. Will this product cause any repeating or “fishy” aftertaste, and are there any side effects associated with this product?

Calamarine is a high-quality, purified extract of omega-3 fatty acids and does not cause any digestive upset, including “fishy” aftertaste or burping. Calamarine has an especially clean taste due to a unique “deodorizing” step performed during the refining process.

There are no known side effects associated with this formula. However, as with any food product, there may be infrequent and highly sensitized reactions associated with this or any other nutritional supplement. If such a reaction occurs, you should consider discontinuing use of this or any product.

8. How should I store the product?

To preserve the quality and freshness, keep the bottle closed and store it in a cool, dry place (59°–86° F). Do not refrigerate.

9. How and when should I take this product?

Adults: Take 2 softgels once daily with a meal. For added support, take 2 softgels twice daily with a meal.