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Omega Q Plus® is an all-in-one combination of heart-smart nutrients to support your heart, brain, and eyes for years to come. A product of Dr. Stephen Sinatra’s decades of research, these nutrients work together to fuel your cells with head-to-toe vitality—all in just two softgels a day!

The top two superstar ingredients are highly bioavailable Hydro Q-Sorb® CoQ10 and, clean, naturally high in DHA Calamarine® omega-3 oil. Together this heart healthy duo provides outstanding, energizing cardiovascular support plus support for your brain and eyes. And you’re also getting L-carnitine, folic acid, and B vitamins for enhanced cellular energy production and healthy homocysteine levels.

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Real Results from Raving Fans of Omega Q Plus

Liz’s doctor was really pleased

"I have been taking Omega Q Plus for the past year and can tell you I am more than pleased with the results. I recently returned to my doctor for a checkup and blood work. The results were amazing! My HDL had improved, my LDL was back in the perfect range, my triglycerides were fabulous and my blood pressure was improved. My doctor was really pleased! I can only say 'Thank you for such an awesome product.' It works!"*

— Liz S., WA

“I have tons of energy!”

"I’ve been taking this for a long time…wouldn’t be without it. I feel so much better & have tons more energy…Thank you, Dr. Sinatra."*

— Gloria H., MI

“Made a difference in my health.”

"I had been using other omega-3 capsules with barely noticeable results, then I came across information about Omega Q Plus. I have been using it for over 5 years and it made a substantial difference in my overall health."*

— Bert V., FL

Excellent Product!

"I have been taking Omega Q Plus for several years and have found it to be an excellent supplement to my health regimen. My cardiology appointments have slowed to a nice yearly visit. Thank you, Dr. Sinatra!"*

— Online Review

* Results may vary.

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Discover the Power of Omega Q Plus

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Fuel Your Cells with CoQ10 for a Healthy Heart

Dr. Sinatra has been recommending CoQ10 for heart health for over 30 years. He knows that CoQ10 feeds the energy-generating mitochondria—your cell’s powerhouses—which fuel every cell in your body, including your heart!

That’s why he made this powerful antioxidant one of the cornerstone nutrients in his Omega Q Plus formula. But, he didn’t just include any form of CoQ10 in Omega Q Plus, but a more bioavailable form called Hydro Q-Sorb® CoQ10.

Studies suggest that Hydro Q-Sorb CoQ10 is far easier for the body to absorb and MORE THAN 7 TIMES MORE bioavailable than ordinary powdered CoQ10.1,2 And, to receive all the wonderful benefits CoQ10 has to offer, absorption is key.

Even though Dr. Sinatra has recommended CoQ10 supplementation for years, its importance is just now hitting the mainstream due to the increase in statin users. Many don’t realize that when taking a statin, your body’s CoQ10 levels can become depleted. But, with Omega Q Plus, you’ll receive the CoQ10 you need to power up your cells for serious heart health support.

1 Bhagavan H. Assessment of coenzyme Q10 absorption using an in vitro digestion-Caco-2 cell model. Int J Pharmaceutics 2007; 333:112-7
2 Terao K et al. Enhancement of oral bioavailability of coenzyme Q10 by complexation with gamma-cyclodextrin in healthy adults. Nutr Res 2006;26:503-8

Inside each and every cell in your body are tiny energy factories called mitochondria. Hydro Q-Sorb CoQ10 is the spark that keeps your mitochondria firing so you feel your best every day.

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Heart Healthy Omega-3s—And No Fishy Burps!

As a cardiologist, Dr. Sinatra has long recommended omega-3s for heart and total body health. But most fish oil supplements come with some significant limitations that make them less than ideal for optimal heart health.

Ordinary fish oils—or even krill oils—contain mostly EPA omega-3s and are too low in the DHA your heart and brain need. According to Dr. Sinatra, “DHA is a critical omega fatty acid. But unless you're eating fish every day and including other DHA-rich foods in your diet, it's almost impossible to get enough." That's why supplementing with omega-3 supplements that contain a balance of DHA and EPA is so important. Having a healthy level of DHA plays a role in:

  • Triglyceride support
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Healthy arteries and blood vessels
  • Brain health support
  • Healthy eyes
  • Healthy cholesterol levels
  • Homocysteine support

That’s why Dr. Sinatra chose deep-sea squid known as calamari as the source of Calamarine omega-3s in Omega Q Plus. They are an outstanding, highly sustainable source of DHA-rich omega-3s. The short lifespan of the squid (they live only 450 days) makes it an abundant and renewable source of omega-3s that are pristine and clean, with NO fishy taste, smell, or unpleasant burps.

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The Magic of L-carnitine and CoQ10

Dr. Sinatra knows how important it is to feed your body nutrients that will work together for your overall health—and your heart. That’s why he added L-carnitine to his Omega Q Plus formula! This key amino acid helps shuttle fatty acids into the mitochondria where they are used to create energy—working hand in hand with CoQ10 to fuel every cell in your body.

But, not all L-carnitine is created equal. Dr. Sinatra recommends pairing L-carnitine with another molecule to help it reach your bloodstream. Adding fumarate—fumaric acid that naturally occurs in the body—helps L-carnitine perform its benefits, including antioxidant support. With Omega Q Plus, you’ll receive 200 mg of L-carnitine fumarate to complement Hydro Q-Sorb CoQ10.

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About Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Omega Q Plus was formulated by Doctor Stephen Sinatra, America's #1 integrative cardiologist.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra is a highly respected and sought-after cardiologist whose integrative approach to treating cardiovascular disease has revitalized patients with even the most advanced forms of illness. In addition to being a cardiologist, Dr. Sinatra is also a clinical nutritionist and is certified in internal and anti-aging medicine.

His expertise is grounded in more than 35 years of clinical practice, research, and study beginning as an attending physician at Manchester Memorial Hospital (Eastern Connecticut Health Network). In 1987, Dr. Sinatra founded the New England Heart Center. Through it, he became a well-known advocate of combining conventional medical treatments for heart disease with complementary nutritional, anti-aging, and psychological therapies.

Dr. Sinatra was one of the first cardiologists to recognize the important healing power of CoQ10, which sparks energy production in every cell of your body, including your heart. In fact, he personally met Fred Crane, the researcher who discovered it. He began using CoQ10 with his patients in the early 1980s and has done extensive research on CoQ10 that has been published in prestigious medical journals.

Dr. Sinatra has written more than a dozen books and is a popular speaker on shows like the Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, The 700 Club, and The Today Show. He also frequently leads research and development for nutritional supplements that adhere to his principles of integrative cardiology. Plus, he’s the 2016 recipient of the American College for Advancement of Medicine’s Linus Pauling Award. Dr. Sinatra considers Omega Q Plus to be the most important supplement he has ever developed.

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